Welcome to dougrobinson.com. You'll find a lot of free music, old and new; CDs to buy if you're in the mood; photos of great gigs and also of my vida loca in Mexico, as well as updates on all aspects of Robinsonmania. There have been many changes, so I'll be updating slowly. For now, suffice it to say that I am settling into a new life in peaceful San Pancho, Nayarit and getting the lay of the land, with my first SP concierto on the horizon! So please come on in and browse for a bit.

BIG NEWS! LOVE ALL WAYS, my new 'album' of eclectic instrumental music, is available at CDBABY.COM. I will have graphics and sound samples here soon, but for the moment please take a spin over to cdbaby.com and search for me. After almost two years of composing, recording and mixing, I'm not exactly objective, but I think it's pretty fab.

NOW OUT - Get your copy!

Recorded while I was waiting for LOVE ALL WAYS to show up from the CD duplicators, SOLO/PIANO is something unusual for me--just 17 of my best original melodies, performed simply on my Kawai grand late at night. I'll get the graphics up soon, but if you swing by CDBABY.COM you can hear samples and order a copy. Let's see...what else?

ANIMALS by Juan Ezcurdia and Doug Robinson

Presenting ANIMALS, a 29 minute DVD featuring 300 paintings by Mexican mixed media artist Juan Ezcurdia, creatively animated by Esteban Solis and set to an eclectic musical score by Doug Robinson. Give your friends an original piece of bi-cultural art this holiday season.

$20.00 USD + $4.50 Shipping

Go here to see a short excerpt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP2yYrZIBwI



Big news for now: Whitney Moore's wonderful album, Rhythm of a Movement, is finally available on CDBaby.com. I produced, arranged and recorded 10 of Whitney's original tunes and I'm extremely happy with the results.


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